Most chimney issues are the result of a damaged or improperly designed cap. The cap is located at the top of the chimney above the brick. When water gets through the cap, it soaks the inside of the brick underneath. As the top courses of brick become thoroughly saturated, the water then moves to the next course of brick below and so on and so on. The water in the saturated brick then freezes and expands, breaking apart brick and mortar joints. This creates additional areas in which water can enter your chimney,accelerating the process of decay. All areas at which water can enter must be sealed in order to achieve a water tight seal to protect your chimney from damage and deterioration. Madison Maintenance LLC will begin by setting up scaffolding. We will then remove the damaged cap and the appropriate courses of damaged brick. Next, we will re-brick the necessary courses of brick using type S mortar mixed with powered dye and aggregate stone for proper aesthetics and install a proper chimney cap to protect the entire chimney. We will then do the necessary tuck pointing and brick replacement below the re-built portion of the chimney to ensure a completely water tight seal for the entire chimney. Once this is complete, we will return in 24-48 hours to perform an acid wash and remove all scaffolding. With all areas of the chimney sealed and a proper cap protecting the chimney- your chimney will be safe from deterioration and decay.